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Jan Henrik and Fanny from norway caruso a belmond hotel amalfi coast

Norway’s Jan Henrik and Fanny are a young, gorgeous, sunny, and intensely romantic couple who have made a fantastic location their home. The Caruso Hotel Belmond, a former palace from the 11th century that is perched on cliffs close to the Amalfi Coast, gives the impression that it is floating above the Mediterranean Sea. To provide every contemporary luxury, the hotel has been expertly restored. Its historical features, including its fresco-covered ceilings and ancient walls, have been meticulously preserved.

Being a part of Jan Henrick and Fanny's story was wonderful, and choosing this location for their wedding was ideal. It enabled the transformation of every feeling that day into a magic that was alternately dreamlike and genuine. The most intense parts of the promises were filled with emotion, spontaneity, wide smiles, and joyful tears.

Wedding in basilicata // castello di san basilio sanjin alexandra

Witness the mesmerizing union of love as Sanjin and Alexandra embark on a timeless journey at the historic Castello di San Basilio in the picturesque region of Basilicata, Italy. This captivating 150-year-old castle, surrounded by lush vineyards and rolling hills, set the stage for a fairy-tale celebration like no other. The video captures the essence of their special day, filled with heartfelt moments, laughter, and joyous festivities.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the couple exchanged vows amidst the castle’s grandeur, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Lavish decorations, cascading flowers, and twinkling lights transformed the castle into a magical wonderland, elevating the romance to new heights. Friends and family danced the night away, celebrating the profound love shared between Sanjin and Alexandra.

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Trailer wedding in ischia giuseppe lucrezia coco mare aragonese castle ischia


Wedding in Agriturismo SAVOCA in PIAZZA ARMERINA

When Vito and Michela were dreaming of their wedding, they wrote down the words tranquilly, mysticism, and harmony. Their enchanted day at Agriturismo Savoca was reminiscent of a fairytale. The lush, tall trees that surrounded PIAZZA ARMERINA were nothing short of a dream come true for them. Every decision was a deliberate one for the couple. The wedding of Vito and Michela, which included rituals and elements of the earth, wind, and air, was captured on camera. The ideal setting allowed every feeling from that day to be transformed into a magical, occasionally dreamy.

The straightforward narration lacked unnecessary flourishes and predetermined plots, making it comparable to the best movies, which you could keep watching over and over again even after seeing
them a thousand times.

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Ischia was the perfect location for Mike and Sana's wedding. This lovely couple picked the Aragonese Castle as the setting for their most special day because they were so taken with the Neapolitan scenery. They gave in to the delight of that lovely moment, which they shared with their parents and friends, in this magical place. Like the guests' dances and the colorful fireworks, which characterized Mike and Sana's magical night, the atmosphere was jovial and sparkling.

A magnified view turns the gaze into a connection. The broad, contagious smiles that I wear leave an everlasting impression on my heart. Because it enhances my work, it is the loveliest memory that the spouses who choose me can depart with.


Beautiful people from all over the world gathered to witness Andrea and Sara's destination wedding in Italy as they exchanged vows under the Sorrento sun at this magnificent location in Sorrento. What a wonderful day it was to photograph this wonderful and joyful celebration on the terraces of the elegant wedding venue Hotel Parcoprincipi. The hotel is also surrounded by three hectares of romantic botanical gardens, including the bridge of love. When the land belonged to the Jesuit friars, an aphrodisiac plant once flourished where this romantic bridge now stands. We enjoyed filming the unique details, such as a first look," of this glamorous and authentic Sorrento wedding in Italy. The stunning bride first made contact with her handsome husband where Sara was.

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The elegant Trani Apulia served as the venue for the couple's wedding in Italy. Large gardens, expansive outdoor areas, and two indoor settings ready to satisfy every need. In a little piece of paradise called Villa Sant'Elia, you can still achieve your dreams. A magical setting where you can travel through time and immerse yourself in a setting that is motivated by professionalism and innovation. A place designed for lovers of good taste where you can always feel at home and is surrounded by an explosion of refinement. A magical setting to commemorate a special day in life, where everything is created in a room with exceptional beauty and grace.

My Destiny Love

Beautiful couple had a lavish wedding in Italy, which took place in Ischia. The lavish celebrations were appropriate for the lovely surroundings and the happiness experienced by the couple and visitors from all over the world. Ischia has a very diverse landscape, with mountains, solitary hills, majestic promontories, slopes, plains, and brows of hills, all of which are easily visible from the magnificent SOCCORSO terrace in Forio, where one can take in the breathtaking beauty of Mount Epomeo. For videographers, it is the ideal location for photos and videos. Visitors here can also take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere, breathtaking beaches, and breathtaking natural beauty.

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So it made me very happy when they told me they had decided to have me film their wedding at La Librata in Terracina, a romantic setting with a suggestive atmosphere. We began by discussing how each of us had been getting ready in the villa's rooms; the suite has an absolutely breathtaking view of a cliff that overlooks the sea. The ceremony was held in the villa's garden beneath the magnificent shade of a century-old carob tree. Inside, the reception area with a sea view enables you to enjoy banquet moments surrounded by opulent and distinctive details, making your event elegant and romantic.


Beautiful couples exchanged vows in the Cilento Coast town of Santa Maria di Castellabate, a seaside resort. This quaint and typical Italian beach town was located within the Cilento National Park, which was appealing to couples looking for a truly Italian wedding venue. The Palazzo Belmonte, a stunning nobleman&’s palace with a sizable park, is a hidden, historic oasis of charm where the couple got married. The wedding banquet was held in a magnificent marquee that was erected in the tranquil splendour of the Mediterranean gardens of the Palazzo Belmonte. The Palazzo is ideal for wedding videographers as well. From a mediaeval courtyard to a golden sandy beach, from seaside terraces to romantic nooks surrounded by greenery.

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Trailer Cilento Coast Wedding - Meike E Mike

Wedding in Cilento coast – Santa Maria Di Castellabate
Venue – Domus Laeta Giungano, Paestum